"I know she’ll be in good hands."


Foxface, Caesar, Effie, Katniss, Haymitch, Gale, & Peeta all ready for the 74th Hunger Games!

It’s appropriate because I’ve made dresses before and I sew regularly.  :D

My new shirt has lots of Sexys on it.  (threadless.com)

My new shirt has lots of Sexys on it.  (threadless.com)

My Journey as a Whovian

Which series I started with: Season 2 of the new series.  Someone bet me I’d get hooked.  They were right.  Big time.

My Doctor is: Ten was my first and to-date favorite. Keep in mind, though, that Nine and Eleven are also the same Doctor and they both do a good job of encapsulating his essence, yet give their own flair to the character BUT none really impress me as much as Tennant was able to. (Plus…where are Eleven’s eyebrows?!)

My favorite companion is: Donna Noble. I didn’t really like Rose but I appreciated what she was to the Doctor. I get it. Martha is probably my second favorite because I can relate to her the most. But Donna is my favorite of all because she came after those two and was just what The Doctor needed after losing Rose and being unable to reciprocate feelings for Martha. Donna was more a sister and a “best friend” to The Doctor and that is something he didn’t expect but needed more than anything. And then he had to lose her, too. I don’t get the hype with Amy…I think people just think she’s pretty.

My favorite series is: Four. I feel The Doctor grows the most that season and it was a very intriguing thing to watch. My least favorite series is: Five. I feel like they did too much too soon. Tried to make it super-flashy. So far six is good…but it kinda seems it may be headed the same direction with a huge plot twist happening right in the beginning like it did. We’ll see. I still love the show, though. :)

My otp is: I always wondered what would happen if The Doctor returned to Madame de Pompadour in the correct year…

Do I watch Classic Who? I’d like to. Currently a friend is downloading all the old seasons, so perhaps we’ll watch together!

Coldplay + Christmas = 

(This photo was taken by me, text added by me, lyrics by Coldplay.  There’s even a tiny little watermark added in there.  I don’t mind reblogging and sharing, but don’t steal.  :D)


for ochenmarkova: Christine Margurete Hooley! it didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would. sorry your circles are kind of small, I wanted to get it all on the paper :P

It’s lovely!  :D

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This is my favorite Chistmas movie, no competition.  Unrelated yet related…you, yes you, NEED to go see The Muppets.  It is absolutely funtastic. 

This is my favorite Chistmas movie, no competition.  

Unrelated yet related…you, yes you, NEED to go see The Muppets.  It is absolutely funtastic. 

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I want to hug Coldplay.

Emma Stone (and the rest of SNL) got to hug Coldplay…I want to, too!

PS:  Their music videos are like art.  All of them rock my world.  Literally.

Happy Veterans Day!  Be thankful for those who have served, are serving, and will serve.